Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Multi-view IQNT

Here's some charts on IQNT. Cause I like that sort of thing.

 Monthly - Huge resistance around $9.00

 Weekly - Here again you can see the support turned resistance @ $9.00. And we have an ascending support line.

Daily - A better look at the triangle forming. 

30 Min. - Here we can see the stock is sitting just under $8.50 resistance. And an even shorter term triangle  is evident.

5 Min - Notice the volume pop as it broke resistance. 

With a little volume, IQNT could pop through $8.50 and make a short run to $9.00. There's some pretty big resistance there, so I don't think "a little" volume would be enough to crack it with conviction. Although the rising support line on the 30 minute chart is around $8.00, it's a bit steep for my liking. The daily rising support line around $6.30 and would make a more robust support area if the stock were to fall back off the $9.00 resistance area.

However, earnings are tomorrow morning, which could be interesting. A good report may give the boost needed  to break the $9.00 level with authority. Or it may tank. Just some observations. Wouldn't it be nice to see the future?

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